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Boardroom Coaching

This exclusive annual program has proven that networking and sparring with top executives is effective for the promotion of female executive potentials on their way to the boardroom. Virtually all participants have taken a substantial career step within two years, a significant proportion of which have actually obtained a boardroom position (Board of Management and/or Supervisory Board/Supervision). The knife cuts both ways: the top executives who participate as boardroom coaches also experience the added value of diversity and develop their inclusive leadership.

What does the program look like globally?

After a personal intake interview and a joint kick-off, approximately four one-on-one interviews take place over a period of one year. In addition, there are a number of small-scale network meetings with coaching circles, where coachees have the opportunity to present (career) issues to their peer group and to participating top executives. Approximately 50 participants (25 duos) participate in each program year.

The revenues:

  • Greater visibility of female top talent
  • Awareness of what is needed for the last step(s) to the boardroom
  • Expansion of network and interesting, personal conversations
  • Career steps to (and more diversity in) the boardroom
  • Testing and sharing (boardroom) experiences
  • Awareness, experience and growth of diversity and inclusive leadership (in thinking, m/f styles, organizational cultures, approach)

“Made great contacts. And it is also a test on yourself and on your company.”

Boardroom Coaching participant,  CEO