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The standard in the top

Clients and staff members are diverse. However, we do not see this diversity reflected in the top levels of Dutch organisations. Our mission is making diversity and inclusion the standard in the highest levels. Why? Because it improves the decision-making process, the performance of the company and makes sure the talents of all staff members are utilised. For both employees  and the organisation this is the logical, smart and fair thing to do.

Talent to the Top supports organisations in various ways. First of all through our Charter. By signing the Charter Talent to the Top organisations lay down their commitment and objectives, after which we monitor their progress on a yearly basis. Together the signatories make up our community. With cross-company programmes and meetings we make sure these forerunners meet, inspire and motivate each other. Furthermore, we offer recommendations and trainings aimed at enhancing inclusive leadership. For we know: diversity means inclusion.

Logical, smart, fair

  • It’s logical: (potential) staff, clients and other stakeholders are also diverse.
  • It’s smart: research and experience show it improves the decision-making process and performances.
  • It’s fair: different talents get equal opportunities and can develop themselves optimally.

What can we offer your organisation?

  • Faster realisation of your objectives
  • Professionalisation of HR/D&I management
  • Membership of an active community of forerunners
  • Sparring-partners, recommendations, and access to expertise and data bank
  • Free entrance to community events
  • Participation in cross-company mentoring programmes
  • Training and workshops for (top) management
  • Empowerment programmes for (female) talent