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The Charter Talent to the Top contains a guideline and clear agreements that help you to purposefully work on durable and effective results. Each year your organisations’ progress is monitored based on six criteria. The monitor report also shows the progress (in figures) and a benchmark survey. In addition, we offer advice on how to further improve diversity and inclusion within your organisation. As of the beginning of 2019 over 260 organisations have signed the Charter.

The 9 commitments for diverse talent to the top

We hereby declare that:

  1. we are convinced of the importance of gender diversity for our organisation and make sure there will be a clear strategy to bring this about and/or improve this;
  2. we will set ourselves an objective to get more women in top and subtop levels within three to five years;
  3. we will draw up a management strategy within six months to indicate how we plan to achieve the objectives – and we will also communicate this;
  4. we will lay down our objectives and strategies in clear management agreements;
  5. we will report on our progress on a number of clear key performance indicators each year;
  6. we will actively work on the development of specific tools for the influx, promotion and retention of women within the organisation;
  7. we will share our experiences of initiatives developed with other signatories;
  8. we agree to the yearly publication of our quantitative progress by the Monitoring Commission;
  9. we will show on our website and other communication channels that we strive to improve diversity in the top and bring the Charter Talent to the Top under the attention of our organisation and stakeholders.

Signing of the Charter is always done by the top of the organisation (CEO, member of the executive board, etc.). Decision to terminate participation to the Charter must be taken by the signatory or their successor.

“The Charter helps to bring the right focus to our diversity policy and activate the right dialogue.”

Schiphol Group,  HR director

Monitoring Committee Talent to the Top

The Monitoring Committee Talent to the Top publishes the periodical Monitor Talent to the Top, containing among other things information on the number of women in top and subtop levels. The Committee consists of Caroline Princen (president), Thessa Menssen, and Joop Schippers. They have been appointed in a personal capacity and act without obligation or consultation.