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Cross Mentoring: strengthening ambition and skills

The Cross Mentoring program concerns management potentials (whether or not at a crossroads in their career) who participate as mentees and have a mentor (senior manager) from another organization for a year.

Within this programme, which is mainly aimed at middle management level, three sub-programs have now been merged.

1. Cross Mentoring for female talents, who are matched as mentees with male or female senior managers (mentors); this is the largest group of the more than 150 mentees;

2. Cross Cultural Mentoring: both male and female talents with a non-Western, bicultural background are given a senior manager m/f as a mentor.

3. Mixed Mentoring: Male mentees conduct mentoring conversations with female senior managers (mentors, leadership role models

The participants are linked to a mentor by Talent to the Top on the basis of their profile and development questions. After a plenary kick-off meeting in January, they have four to six mentoring conversations during the program period of one year. For this they receive guidelines and tips and they can participate in a preparatory workshop. In addition, there are a number of group meetings, such as inspiration workshops and intervision and network meetings for mentees. There is also a section for them that focuses on sponsoring in their own organization. The program will be concluded jointly with a mentoring event, with a look back and inspiration for the future and the presentation of the Most Memorable Mentor prize.

The Cross Mentoring program is rated with an 8.3 by mentees and the mentors give the program an 8.4.

How can participating in Cross Mentoring help you?

  • More insight into your own ambition, strengths and opportunities.
  • Career plan, career steps
  • Leadership Skills
  • Sparring about themes such as profiling, work/life balance, power and influence
  • Sponsorship in your own organization
  • Diversity awareness and inclusive leadership
  • Network expansion
  • New perspectives and working methods
  • Engaging and enjoyable conversations