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Topvrouw van het Jaar

Topvrouw van het Jaar (Best Female Leader of the Year) creates a platform to raise attention for female directors of Dutch companies and organisations, making them more visible so they can become successful role models.

Every year in September, the Topvrouw van het Jaar elections are held. What’s more, a Young Talent Award is presented which is an important prize for young female leadership talent.

As of October 2022, Talent naar de Top and Topvrouw van het Jaar have joined forces, to create even more impact and make the senior management of organisations in the Netherlands more diverse and more inclusive.

Criteria to elect Topvrouw van het Jaar

A wide range of personal qualities and talents determines who will be selected as Topvrouw van het jaar. The jury does not only pay attention to the financial results that have been achieved, but also to courage, ambition and leadership style. The way in which women in senior management positions use these talents and qualities to be successful role models are of crucial importance when selecting the winner.

The jury

In 2022 the independent jury consists of the following members:

Khadija Arib  - Chair of the jury

Mariëlle Bartholomeus - Member of the Supervisory Board of Rivas Zorggroep

Janine Vos - Member of the Managing Board and CHRO of Rabobank

Eelco Hoekstra - Member of the Supervisory Board of SHV

Dolf van den Brink - CEO of Heineken

Young Talent Award

Candidates for the Young Talent Award are selected and presented by their employer. The candidates will be asked to submit their CV and answer a number of written questions. They will be invited to take part in the Empowering Young Female Talent programme, after which they will meet all the members of the jury.

All candidates are invited for dinner at the award ceremony when the winner of the Young Talent Award is announced.