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The power of diversity

We activate and support organisations, leaders and teams to make use of the power of diversity and turn this into a success for their businesses. Furthermore, we spur the social and political debate and convert relevant research results into practical policy for organisations. We are an institution with both the network and advice for organisations that want to work on diversity and inclusion. For this, you can take the following steps.

Sign the Charter

By signing the Charter Talent to the Top you commit to a real, self-selected objective for more female talent in the top and subtop levels. It is worthwhile to sign up, as participating organisations perform three times better than average on the realisation of diversity in the top.

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Cross Mentoring

The Cross Mentoring program concerns management potentials (whether or not at a crossroads in their career) who participate as mentees and have a mentor (senior manager) from another organization for a year. 

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Boardroom Coaching

This exclusive annual program has proven that networking and sparring with top executives is effective for the promotion of female executive potentials on their way to the boardroom. Nearly all participants have taken a substantial career step within two years, a significant proportion of which have actually obtained a boardroom position (Board of Management and/or Supervisory Board/Supervision). The knife cuts both ways: the top executives who participate as boardroom coaches also experience the added value of diversity and develop their inclusive leadership.

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Training and recommendations

More diversity can only be realized in an inclusive organisation that allows employees to bring in their unique talents and values their input. Over thirty years of experience enables us to prepare leaders, staff members and HR professionals for converting the term inclusion into concrete actions and behaviour.

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Join the community

Together, the signatories of the Charter form our community. We ensure these forerunners meet, inspire and motivate each other. We do everything to support talent development and inclusive leadership in your organisation, without you having to reinvent the wheel.

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