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Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership and diversity are established success factors in organisations. Research by, among others, McKinsey (Delivering through diversity, 2018) shows that modern, successful leaders have a mixture of masculine and feminine leadership styles at their disposal. This leads to diversity and enables them to reach their organisation targets.

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“Inclusive leaders recognise and stimulate this blend in themselves and others.”

Sandra Doelman,  Senior trainer and advisor

Our strength: Theory as well as practice

To achieve optimum results in our trainings, we combine scientific knowledge and research with best practices from many organisations. This way we connect theory with practice and understanding with behaviour.

Inclusion and diversity are the two cornerstones of our trainings and workshops. To really take things to a higher level we also look at the principles of change management, leadership development, and processes of group dynamics and other socio-psychological factors.

What we want is change. That is why we work with double-loop learning. This not only increases knowledge and insight, but also contributes to behavioural change and development.

Our approach to trainings

Based on high-quality insights on leadership and diversity:

  • Inspiring and challenging
  • Safe setting
  • Focus on knowledge as well as behaviour
  • Mixture of theory and practice
  • Appealing training methods
  • Focus on learning from each other
  • Humour and perspective

Clients’ questions

We can help you answer your questions on diversity and inclusive leadership. For example:

  • How diverse and inclusive are we at this moment and how can we improve on this?
  • What is inclusive leadership and what behaviour does it entail?
  • In what way can ambitions and talent of our female potentials be better seen and utilised?
  • How can we ensure the retention and promotion of our female and bicultural talents? What can we achieve with mentoring and sponsoring?
  • How can we strengthen (the basis for) the business case for diversity and inclusion?
  • How do we build and manage effective diverse teams?
  • Can you organise and facilitate an effective meeting on diversity and inclusion?
  • How can we make our assessment cycle and HR tools diversity-proof?
  • What role can (female) business networks play for diversity and inclusion?
  • Can you help us mentor and sponsor our talents?
  • What are important elements of intercultural communication?