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EWoB is recruiting 4 Committee Chairpersons

EWoB is recruiting 4 Committee Chairpersons as new members of the EWoB Board of Directors

The EWoB Objective for 2021 is to grow its footprint geographically as well as increase its service offerings. To achieve this objective, EWoB is creating four committees to support the board.

Committee 1: Development programs

Objective: Enlarge, support & enrich our development programs including the talent pool, c-level and mentoring programs. Offer a platform for networking and collaboration for our individual and corporate members.

Committee 2: Research and communication

Objective: Accelerate our visibility by delivering a unique European research benchmark (Gender Diversity Index) on gender equality in boards and management positions. Communicate our messages across Europe.

Committee 3: European and international institutions

Objective: Increase the number of European and international institutions partnering with EWoB to deliver on the vision of achieving gender equality in decision making.

Committee 4: Member associations

Objective: Accelerate our impact through the EWoB network of member associations through cross-border sharing. Increase the number of members by recruiting like-minded leading organizations from across Europe.

You can find the full mandate description and application process by following …

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