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Boardroom Coaching

This valuable 1-year programme held every year shows that networking with directors is an effective way for female executives with great potential to be promoted to boardroom positions. Nearly all the participants of the Boardroom Coaching programme make a significant career move within two years after taking part in the programme – very often to a boardroom position, either a board of directors or supervisory board. This is a win-win situation, because directors taking part as board room coach will enjoy the added value of diversity and develop their own inclusive leadership skills at the same time.

What does the programme look like?

After a first meeting to get to know you and a joint kick-off meeting there are about four 1-to-1 conversations in the 1-year programme. There are also several small-scale networking meetings with coaching circles. During these meetings, coachees are given the opportunity to present their career issues and other questions to their peer group and the directors. About 50 professionals (25 pairs) take part in the Boardroom Coaching programme every year.

What will your organisation gain?

  • More opportunities and visibility for talented female managers and directors
  • A more extensive network and fascinating personal conversations
  • Career moves to and more diversity in the boardroom
  • Assessing and sharing boardroom and other leadership experiences
  • Raising awareness of, experiencing and developing inclusive leadership

“I made some wonderful contacts. And it is great to see how you and your organisation are performing compared to other organisations”

CEO,  Boardroom Coaching participant

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