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Cross Mentoring: more ambition and better skills

The 1-year Cross Mentoring programme is organised for 150 pairs of mentees and mentors from more than 50 companies. Based on their profile and their personal development questions, they are linked to a mentor by Talent naar de Top. The focus is not only on gender diversity, but also on cultural diversity – partly because companies in our community are asking for this. Our expertise on cultural diversity has become an integrated part of the existing Cross Cultural Mentoring programme since 2018. This programme is aimed both at the professional development of mentees and at the mentoring skills and inclusive leadership skills of the mentors.

After a plenary kick-off meeting, the participants will have 4 to 6 mentoring conversations during this 1-year programme. They will receive guiding principles and tips and they are also invited to a workshop to help them prepare for these meetings. There are also several group meetings, including inspiring workshops, intervision sessions for peer learning and networking meetings for mentees. The programme ends with a group meeting, looking back on the programme and providing more inspiration for the future. The Most Remarkable Mentor Prize is awarded to the best mentor.  

A survey among Cross Mentoring alumni mentees shows that the Cross Mentoring programme contributes to the chance of being promoted to senior management positions. Research by Talent naar de Top shows that as many as 80% of the professionals taking part in the Cross Mentoring Programme have now made one or more career moves.

Why Cross Mentoring?

  • Mentoring is an effective tool resulting in successful professional development and career moves. It contributes to career development and leadership skills.
  • The organisation will benefit in more than one way: not only the mentees, but also the mentors will develop their skills. The programme is all about learning from each other and networking. The programme also contributes to developing inclusive leadership skills and to creating an environment in which people from different backgrounds feel welcome.
  • The programme improves the career opportunities policy for female and bicultural talents in your organisation, making a contribution to more equality in society.
  • Cross-company: ‘gaining more insight into other organisations’
“We got on very well. Excellent matching by Talent naar de Top! […] All in all, I would like to say that without this mentor, I would not be in the position I’m in now.”

Mentee,  Cross Mentoring Programme

Cross Mentoring 2023. Would you like to join?

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