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Our partners

Talent naar de Top works closely together with a dedicated team of professionals, including various organisations, freelancers, trainers, actors and academics.

European network for more women in senior management positions

EWoB is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to create a unique network of large organisations in European countries that are all working towards the same goal: a sufficient gender balance in boards of directors.

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Inclusive Employment Chain

We have joined forces with a number of organisations to form the 'Chain of Inclusive Workplaces', namely SER Top Women, Talent naar de Top, Topvrouw van het jaar (Best Female Leader of the year), Equileap and WOMEN Inc. The Chain of Inclusive Workplaces is committed to supporting companies and the government to take steps towards diversity and inclusion.

The kick-off was in 2018 where Hoekstra launched the #Equality2020 initiative, a call for more male/female balance at the top of business. Subsequently, active efforts were made to introduce legislation from 1 January 2022 regarding the quota for listed organisations and targets for the largest 5,000 organisations.

Inclusive Employment Chain The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands & Topvrouwen

Stichting Topvrouwen provides a clear overview of highly qualified and experienced female senior managers. Board-ready women can register on this website and will be added to the database of All companies, organisations, recruitment agencies and executive recruitment agencies can get into direct contact with them.

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WOMEN Inc. has been improving the position of women in the Netherlands since 2005. We strive for a society with equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender or sex.

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Equileap is an independent, specialised data provider with a wide range of gender statistics. Their goal is to accelerate the process of progress towards gender equality.

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Best female leader of The Year (Topvrouw van het Jaar)

Top Woman of the Year aims to create a platform on which female executives of Dutch companies and organisations get attention, are visible and can thus fulfil a role model function.

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The strength of the network

WIFS focuses on women and organisations at the top end of the financial sector. WIFS has a mission to create a better balance between masculine and feminine values in the financial sector. This is in line with our mission to make diversity and inclusion in senior management the new standard.

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We work with actors in our training programmes and other meetings. These actors are: Ingeborg Ansing, Alyt Damstra, Jaap Postma, Job Redelaar, Elisa van Riessen, Floris van Tilburg and Herman Zumpolle.