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Sandra Hacklander winner of the ‘Most Remarkable Mentor’ award 2020

The nomination sent by the mentee speaks of immense enthusiasm and gratitude for her mentor, who went beyond the call of duty when it came to her mentoring role. When the mentee started the Cross Mentoring program, she was in China, and as a result of Covid-19, has not been back since and never had the opportunity to meet her mentor in person. This in no way negatively impacted their mentoring relationship however, as the mentee writes “this did not cause any block/barrier for the coaching sessions – I am so glad to know her and her supervision during this challenging period.”  The mentor and mentee come from different cultural backgrounds, of which the mentee indicated “…..completely different cultures; she pays attention to this and is very flexible.” Of her mentor in general, the mentee writes:

Sandra Hacklander, Winner Most Remarkable Mentor 2020
“Characteristic of her is that everything starts from the ‘heart’. She not only cares for the growth of my career but also for my happiness.”

Cross Mentoring mentee: Weiwei Wang,  Senior Data Scientist at APG

The jury was ultimately most impressed by this nomination - the mentor scores high on all criteria for good mentorship for example the mentee’s enthusiasm, the impact on the mentee´s ambition and career, the creativity or style of mentoring and the mentor’s ability to listen and empathise.

“The coaching sessions not only added significant value to my career development but also to my personal development.”

Cross Mentoring Mentee: Weiwei Wang

Gert Kroon (CEO Arcadis (Chairman of jury)) , Jennifer Ferrier (Agile Coach Rabobank) Miguette Jadoul (Sr. Strateeg, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken) Maikel Rekelhof (Partner / Head of Diversity)

More information? Read the jury repport:

Cross Mentoring and diversity

Mentoring is an effective tool for talent and leadership development. In 2008, Opportunity in Bedrijf (now Talent to the Top), started a mentoring program, set up in such a way that it also contributes to diversity and inclusion. The Cross Mentoring program, each round lasting a year, has since further developed and has been expanded with Mixed Mentoring, Boardroom Coaching and Cross Cultural Mentoring and has had over 2000 participants. The program combines the individual benefits of mentoring and sponsorship with the strategic benefits of diversity and inclusion.

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